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My name is Bryson Coleman after spending a few years pursuing a computer engineering degree I realized my passion for making games. Swapped Majors, and never looked back. 

My first experience creating a game was when I was about 12 years old, and I created Tic-Tac-Toe while coding in Python for a Science Fair Project. Unfortunately, I was disqualified since programming a game didn't use the scientific method, but the feeling of creating something and having someone else play it has stuck with me ever since.

Years later I was accepted into the HBCU Morehouse College wherein I was set to get a dual degree in Applied Physics and Computer Engineering, but I found myself not passionate about the Engineering work (Also Physics is very difficult). I returned home to Texas, I downloaded Unity and began making things in the engine. Even roping my friends to make games with me.


As I got more serious about making things I discovered that designing games was something I had fun doing, and before I knew it I was looking for an accredited school that would allow me to pursue this while being remote since I had to be in Texas. I discovered Full Sail University, applied began working in Unreal Engine. I am now working towards turning this hobby into a career.

Link to Resume

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