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Adventure Project

School Project

Build Date: 12/22/2021


I designed a level with the aim of introducing the player to a climbing mechanic that would be utilized further in the game. I decided to focus my level around a player having to explore an abandoned carnival in the forest.


This was the first level I've ever created inside of Unreal


What I Did:

  • Level Blockout

  • Lighting

  • Level Sequencing

What I had Help With:

  • Super Grid

  • Character and Mechanic Provided by the school

Key Takeaways

  • How to integrate static meshes into Unreal

  • The importance of creating a 

Since the character was already made, we were not allowed to make any changes to Player Character. The importance of a metric level to have a good understanding of the Character's abilities was important. Looking back I should have tested a lot more in the metrics to have a better understanding as adjusting jump distances and height while in level made the process more time-consuming. 

Metrics Level

I designed my level with a theme park in mind. Wherein the player would need to run through an abandoned park to reach a city. I researched popular theme park rides attempting to find rides most people associate with Carnivals. I found the most popular attraction was a Ferris Wheel and decided that would be my climax for the level. The Carousel is a popular attraction as well followed during my research. For my own favorite ride, I wanted to create a haunted house.

Mood Board

Each involved a lot of iteration in order to get to a point I was ok with. The Haunted House was the hardest to create as I wanted to script a lot of jump scares into the level. However, I was only being able to accomplish a small clown jump scare that I am rather proud of.

Jump Scare at 1:30

First Blockmesh Iteration

Second Iteration

Final Iteration

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