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Bow Game

Personal Project

Build Date: 06/20/22

Bow game features a bow that was fully animated by me, and some simple enemies to fight as you explore a ruined kingdom. This simple prototype features some simple puzzles and moving platforms in a 3D space

Made in Unreal Engine 5


The original goal of this project was to create a puzzle platformer where you would solve all your problems with a bow. I had teleporters that activated with a bow, and moving platforms that adjust whenever the player was on top of them. I created a small demo of a prototype area where you would need to use the bow to overcome different obstacles.

After that proof of concept, I moved to create a small level where the player could explore a temple, and jump up different platforms. Which led to the creation of the map shown in the result.

Overall I am happy with the functionality of the bow, and moving platforms showcased. For the amount of work that went into the level design, I feel that the mechanic isn't properly showcased to the player. This quick prototype reinforced the importance of IPM pacing, and the level feels a bit too empty in retrospect. 

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