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Man on Mountain

Personal Project

Build Date: 7/8/2022- Current


I wanted to have a reference piece to go over some level design principles with alumni. So over the span of a weekend, I created this small gameplay prototype to showcase some of the using the ALS Locomotion asset pack

This is the story of that project.

Project Details

What I did:

  • Created a super simple alert system for the AI

  • Implemented a weapon damage system

  • Level Design

  • Whitebox

What I had help with:

  • Marketplace Asset: ALS Locomotion V4, SuperGrid

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Why.

Level Design

First thing I started with was getting familiar with the ALS Locomotion System. After familiaring myself with that I created a blueprint of how the level should play out. I created a short google document plan out the important aspects of the level: 

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