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Over the Top

School Project

Build Date: 03/19/22

Over The Top was based on a prototype provided to our team. After brainstorming as a team we decided that we would create a top-down shooter where you had to clear rooms in order to escape.


Team Members: 6 (Including myself) 

(Scott Braswell, Travis Davis, Ryan Dodge, Cameron Dunlaney, Jason Hadley)

Time to make: 1 Month

Engine Used: Unreal Engine 4

Play it here​​​

Prototype Given

End Result

Challenges faced throughout the Project:

The small time frame to work on the project resulted in a lot of bugs remaining inside of the game, such as enemy projectiles going through walls. 

Moving AI was a giant hurdle as this was my first time implementing AI into an Unreal Project. In order for it to function properly, the enemy would need to locate the player, get a line of sight with the player avatar, and then shoot. I spawned circles around the player and used a query search to track LOS with the player. If the enemy could see the query search targets then it would be to shoot, and if not it would move towards the checks and then run the search again. This resulted in the enemy running past the player at times to go towards the circles. Fixing this issue took a lot of development time, and after fixed the moving enemies were scrapped from the project due to diffculty.

My Contributions

  • Implemented a slow-motion to the player character. Created a system to automatically return the game to normal speed if the slow-motion was used up. Also added a bar to the UI in order to give the player feedback on how long the player could remain in that state

  • Added and implemented two different enemy types to the project.

    • Chasing​

    • Stationary

  • Tested and Implemented 4 Different Levels into the game based on drawing presented to the team.

How  levels were created

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